Dear Author(-s),

prepare please the final paper according to the instruction mentioned below:

  1. Prepare the revised version of the paper, considering the remarks from the reviewers and using both templates (remember that the maximum paper length is 10 pages!):
    1. 3rd International Conference Green Cities 2018-template,
    2. TRPRO-Green_Cities_2018.
  2. Save both versions using the following names (don’t use the other names for the files!):
    1. for 3rd International Conference Green Cities 2018-template:
      GC_2018-paper<submission number>.docx (for example: GC-2018-paper100.docx)
      GC_2018-paper<submission number>.doc
    2. for TRPRO-Green_Cities_2018:
      TRPRO-GC_2018-paper<submission number>.docx
      TRPRO-GC_2018-paper<submission number>.doc
    3. additionally the 3rd International Conference Green Cities 2018-template version save also as:
      GC_2018-paper<submission number>.pdf.
  3. Send all three files (2 doc/docx and 1 pdf) to: [email protected]
  4. Consider please, that in the case of major revisions, the revised paper will be verified.

The final paper templates: