Dear Participants!

We start with Welcome Drink on 12.09.2018, 19:30!!!

It will be held at Ładoga Restaurant – find map here!

The detailed conference programme is available here!

The conference will take place at Maritime University, 4 Szczerbcowa Street, Szczecin.

The Bus stop (the Wolin Island trip) is located here!

More informations about accommodation available at the following LINK.


Submitted papers after the presentation at the conference are planned to be published in Transportation Research Procedia (indexed at WoS, Scopus).


The conference will provide a platform for exchange of knowledge and experiences on the implementation of urban logistics solutions in the context of sustainable development, with particular emphasis on environmental issues and reducing the negative impact of urban freight transport on the environment. The event will be organized as part of the Low Carbon Logistics project, which is founded under the Interreg South Baltic Programme.

Conference topics:

  1. Influence of urban freight transport on environment.
  2. New trends in ecologistics.
  3. Influence of freight distribution in touristic and spa resorts on their functioning.
  4. Computerization of urban infrastructure. IT platforms for urban freight distribution.
  5. Urban freight distribution chains’ modeling.
  6. Freight distribution planning in the terms of sustainable development.
  7. Urban industry infrastructure.
  8. City marketing as the support for sustainable development.
  9. Public-private partnership for sustainable city logistics development.
  10. Safety problems in urban freight transport.
  11. Monitoring of city environment in the term of freight transport.
  12. Influence of logistics systems on efficiency of metropolitan area functioning.
  13. Economics’ aspects of efficiency increasing in urban freight distribution.
  14. Sustainable logistics in the urban tourist area.